Team/Group Stores

Want to fundraise the easy way?

Tired of buying products with hopes of selling what you bought?


Simply want your logo products available to your members but don’t want to be the order taker?

Why not use one of Cozy’s web stores? As the head of an organization or team, the benefits to using the Web Store approach is that you no longer have to collect orders from individual players, parents, etc. You will be able to order only what is needed. You also will not have to worry about collecting money and chasing down people who haven’t paid. We will work with you and develop a product list of items you would like to sell. Once this list has been created, will create a store at no charge with these items. Your member can go to the Web Store at their leisure and order there merchandises by them self. They can have an option to ship or pick there item in our store. Once each sale is completed we will transfer the appropriate funds to the clubs contact person.

If your team or organization is interested in setting up or learning more about this please contact Jeff at or call us at 1-800-851-5009.

Check out the sample store below.

Sample Stores

Active Stores

west milfordMacopin Spirit Wear

Elizabeth Fires Store

Elizabeth Fire Store

Memorial Day Foundation

Memorial Day Foundation Store

peq Pequannock Lacrosse