Digital Printing

Create a one of a kind t-shirt for a special occasion or for a team, club, organization.
What is Digital Printing? Digital Printing is the next step up from screen printing. Designs are applyed to the garment through an industrial printer that is hooked up to a computer. Unlike screen printing it does not matter how many colors you would like in your design. There are no screens involved. Each color is printed directly to the garment at the same time, where as screen printing, each color is printed separately.

How does it work? It works similar to a desktop computer printer. It uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and white inks to print unlimited colors right to the garment via a computer file. If the design can be viewed on the computer it can be printed.

What does it cost? This is going to depend on several factors, how many pieces, what type of garments, and the color of those garments. The quality of your design file is also important. While any design can be printed,some designs need to be re-draw so that the lines of the design are smooth and not jagged. We review every design and contact you if we feel there will be an issue.

What are the minimums? One piece. There are no minimums. Only order what you need!

How do I get started? Click the link below! Just upload your design, photo, or choose from our stock clip art. Next add your text. Choose your shirt style, color, and quantity. Follow the check out procedure and your order will be in your hands in a few days. Remember there are no charges for extra colors. You have thousands of possibilities.